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Rabbit Control Prices

£25.00 per hour + travel costs @ .40p per mile.

Rabbit control services are offered to locations within a 20 mile radius of Preston.

Areas further away will be considered depending on the current work load in the Preston area at that time.

Lancashire Rabbit Control uses the latest Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment to ensure no disturbance is caused to clients and the general public unlike traditional night lamp shooting methods.

On large areas of farm land or golf courses I will use a quad bike to cover all rabbit hot spots as quickly as possible.

The number of rabbits culled is directly linked to the size of your local rabbit population. It may be as many as 30 per hour or it could be as little as 1 per hour.

My control methods are most cost effective when carried out at the same time as any mole control.

This is only really applicable to agricultural mole control on large farms.

Culled rabbits, if not required by the property/land owner, are used to feed my dogs. Once my freezers are full, surplus rabbits are offered to a Scottish Wild Cat organisation as food for these rare animals and any rabbit still left over goes to the local game dealer, any local dog owners who also feed their dogs a raw diet or to my wildlife photographer friend to use as bait for his projects.

Disease free rabbits are not put to waste.

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