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Mole Catching Services

Lancashire Mole Control does not use any poison, gas or live catch traps.  I use only traps designed to provide the most humane kill possible. Kill traps are proven by a DEFRA report to provide one of the most cost effective, efficient and humane methods of mole control, when used and set correctly by a knowledgeable and experienced trapper. 

I use 4 different types of traps to suit particular soil types and moisture content at the time of trapping.

Many molecatchers are only proficient in using one type of trap and are therefore only successful when the ground conditions suits their preferred type of trap. I’ve often been told it’s a waste of time to attempt to catch moles in very dry or water-logged ground or in very loose sandy soils. I have no such problems with these conditions because I have taken the time to learn how to use the different types of mole trap effectively in every type of soil and moisture content that I’m likely to encounter in the course of my work throughout Lancashire. If you can catch moles easily in sand dunes and moss land, conditions that moles just push and swim through rather than dig, then you truly are a Master Molecatcher.

Natural England have produced a leaflet on other options for mole control which can be viewed HERE 


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