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About Me, John Noblett, Master Mole Catcher

John Noblett Master Mole Catcher setting mole traps in the summer sunshine

My name is John Noblett and I am a full-time professional mole catcher based in Lancashire. I live in Warton, a small rural village just north west of Preston.

I was born on a farm in Chorley and spend the best years any child could wish for growing up and working on the farm, learning all about nature, the countryside, the farming industry and of course doing lots of hunting, shooting and fishing.

Farmers have always known the importance of managing and controlling the mole population on their land. Most farmers used to catch their own moles years ago, and some still do, but modern farms are run and managed completely different nowadays.

Farm managers do not have the time to catch moles and most farm activities are contracted out.

I am just another contractor, The Mole Catcher.

I am the first mole catcher in Lancashire to be awarded the title of Master Mole Catcher. This achievement is currently the highest level of accreditation a member of The Guild of British Molecatchers can achieve and is a testament to the very high standard of mole control that I offer.

My work as a molecatcher has evolved over the years to include rabbit control as well. This was one of my greatest pleasures as a child, hunting rabbits with an air rifle. It was a natural progression of my business that I started to offer rabbit control as well.

I am conveniently located to the main Lancashire Motorways to quickly provide services to most  parts of Lancashire and the North-West.

I cover the Lancashire Districts of:

  • Preston

  • Blackpool

  • Fylde 

  • Wyre

  • Ribble Valley

  • South Ribble

  • Chorley

  • Lancaster

  • Blackburn

  • Burnley

Plus some areas of

  • Bolton

  • Wigan 

  • West Lancashire

Naturally I have full Public Liability Insurance and the relevant Fire Arms Certificates.



Mole Catching Areas Covered in Lancashire.jpg
John Noblett Master Mole Catcher setting mole traps in the winter snow
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