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Wasps and Bee Identification

We've had a couple of warm days and the phone goes mad with people saying they have wasps and hornets of all things. Never seen a hornet in the North West ever, yet!

It is way too early for any wasp nests, and the Tree Bees will still be a few weeks of making a nuisance of themselves. So what everyone is getting all excited about are hover flies and solitary bees. Any southern facing aspect will have masses of hoverflies around shrubbery and if the south facing brickwork of your house is less than perfect, you will have solitary mortar bees going in every little gap or hole. I do not offer any services for the control of hover flies or solitary bees. Please check my insect identification photos or send me a picture of your bug and I'll decide on any action required. Callouts for miss identified insects wastes my valuable time, I've still got a long job list for my farm moles.

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