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Tree Bumble Bee nest.

The tree bees have been causing the usual hysteria to people who think they have swarms of wasps flying around outside their house. They are a few weeks later than last year due to the very wet cold spring. The bees hanging around outside the are harmless males waiting for the new queens to emerge from the nest. Most people are horrified to learn the nest has been in their loft for a few weeks now, hidden under the insulation or in the wall cavity or in the soffit box using an old birds nest. I have to fit the bee work in around my mole and rabbit work, so it gets done at odd hours, but first thing in the morning or last thing at night is good as most of the bees are in the nest making removal easier. I've done quite a lot of bees in the last couple of weeks, it will continue for another couple of weeks and then go all quiet. The wasps are just making themselves noticeable, I've done a handful of nests already, but the nests are very small with only a few small wasps to contend with.

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