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Mole Deterrent Method No 101

Mole catcher with no shirt always does the trick. Seriously though, the working and trapping conditions on farm land have been ridiculous these last two months. There is no meaningful amount of rain forecast for the next month either, and the farmers are getting really worried now about how much more silage they are going to get in this year. The grass has all but stopped growing. In a normal British summer I have a window of about 10 days after a field has been cut and cleared to get round with my traps, before the grass gets too long again. This second cut field was cleared over 2 weeks ago and yet it still looks like it has only just been cut and cleared. The mole numbers are down because of the baked, dry ground and the only places I'm catching on farm land is where there is any moisture left. On the flip side I have much more domestic garden mole work than usual because homeowners are watering their borders and lawns and this is bringing numerous moles into a small area. Makes trapping easy, but confuses clients who think that they should just have a single mole in their garden when I'm pulling out the 5th one.

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