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This post is warning to all home owners who think they will have a go a sorting out a wasp nest themselves and save some money.

Firstly, there are really no products on the market that a homeowner can legally buy to use to treat a HIDDEN wasp nest successfully. The products that can be bought legally are aimed for use on visible nests or for an instant knock down kill on individual wasps. Used in the correct way they do work, but to use such aerosol sprays or dust puffer containers incorrectly will only result in a reduction in wasp numbers, you are not treating the hidden nest, so new wasps will continue to hatch out.

If you contact me to destroy a wasp nest I need all the relevant information about the wasp nest, especially if there have been failed attempts at treating it yourself, or if nest entrance holes/routes have been blocked up. In such cases I may refuse to carry out a treatment or remove any guarantees of “a free retreatment” if I’m not successful at the first attempt. I have 100% success rate for wasp nests destroyed at the first visit that’s not just down to good luck.

Failed amateur nest treatments or blocking up the entrance routes the wasps have decided to use, only makes my job more difficult and time consuming. That’s not to mention the money you have wasted on buying inappropriate products, or the personal injury you may have suffered from getting stung, falling of ladders whilst blocking nest entrance routes, getting burnt whilst setting fire to ground wasp nests, I could go on, but you get the picture. Nothing surprises me any more at the lengths some people will go to, to get rid of a HIDDEN wasp nest.

So, in summary, DO NOT BLOCK UP THE ENTRANCE TO A HIDDEN NEST, those wasps trapped inside the nest will look for another exit and often that means making their way inwards and chewing their way through into your rooms. And DO NOT USE PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR PUTTING DIRECTLY ONTO OR INSIDE A VISIBLE WASP NEST WHEN YOU HAVE A HIDDEN NEST.


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