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Lancashire Mole Control

Traditional Mole Catcher Specialist

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Lancashire's 1st Master Mole Catcher using the skills and techniques of the traditional molecatcher for effective modern day mole control.


Lancashire Mole Control offers a professional, quick and efficient means of removing and controlling unwanted and excessive numbers of moles.


I only use the traditional method of catching moles and that is with powerful humane kill traps. This is proven by DEFRA  to be the most cost effective and efficient way of dealing with the increasing mole population  today.


This is also the most ENVIROMENTLY FRIENDLY and humane method to control moles because I do not use any Chemicals, Gases or Poisons.


Naturally as a professional molecatcher, Lancashire Mole Control has the necessary knowledge, experiance, skills and ability to deal with any amount of unwanted mole activity, from a single mole in a garden to the many hundreds found on farmland.


I can provide mole control services to all areas of Lancashire and the North West of England. 



In locations such as:



·         Private Gardens

·         Farmland

·        Stables, Riding Schools and other Equestrian                                         

·         Country Halls and Estates                                                                    

·         Golf Courses and Sports Grounds

·         Parks and School Grounds

·         Commercial Properties and Business

·         Churches and Cemeteries 

·         Local Councils



Lancashire Mole Control is a registered supplier of mole control and mole catching services for Lancashire County Council.

And is proud to be a member and supporter of The Guild of British Molecatchers and The Guild of Master Molecatchers





  The Guild of British Molecatchers

  The Guild of Master Molecatchers




For more information on my services or just general advice on dealing with moles, Please contact me at:


Lancashire Mole Control

Tel.  01772 679831

Mob. 07923 305977