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No Mole - No Fee


Unique to Lancashire Mole Control is my No Mole - No Fee Guarantee.

Unlike many pest control companies that may charge a call out fee before any work takes place, and still present you with a bill even if they are not successful, I only charge when I catch your mole and the job is complete.


Many pest control companies use gas producing tablets called Phostoxin or Talunex which provide no evidence of a caught mole. You just have to wait and see if further mole hills appear. Do a Google search on these tablets; you may not want these substances used around your property, livestock, pets and family after reading about the risks involved in using them.

If you have moles working on your property I guarantee to catch them.

Not taking prompt action when you first discover any new mole activity on your property usually results in a larger area of lawn or farmland being damaged.


Using any of the so called mole deterrents and old fashioned remedies, if they do have an effect, generally just moves the mole to another area of your lawn so you end up with two damaged areas.


So it’s important that you contact Lancashire Mole Control as soon as any mole activity appears so that the problem can be quickly assessed. Remember it can take up to 12 months for a lawn to return to its former glory after a mole infestation and that’s only the above ground damage. Any underground tunnel system that had been excavated is virtually impossible to repair without major lawn works.

If I think that the mole activity has ceased and the mole has moved on else where I will say so. You can keep your money and I don’t waste my time. Simples!

You can always 
contact me  again if new mole hills appear at a later date.