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Domestic and Agricultural Mole Control Services


Lancashire Mole Control is available 7 days a week for catching moles throughout most of the North-West of England

I use many different types of traps to suit each individual customer’s circumstances, requirements and ground conditions.


Many molecatchers are only proficient in using one type of trap and then only in normal soil conditions. I’ve often been told it’s a waste of time to attempt to catch moles in very dry or very wet soil conditions or in very loose sandy soils. I have no problems with these conditions because I have taken the time to learn how to use the different types of mole trap effectively in every type of soil and weather condition that I’m likely to encounter in the course of my work throughout Lancashire. If you can catch moles easily in sand dunes and moss land, conditions that moles just push and swim through rather than dig, then you truly are a Master Molecatcher.


I can lay traps covertly or overtly as required.


Mole traps are checked once a day for Homeowners. Farmers can have traps checked up to three times a day where multiple catches are likely throughout the day.

I carry ID with me at all times. 



For Domestic Homeowners with gardens or small areas of land (under 10 acres) with mole activity I charge per mole for catching and removing your mole/s plus travel.

For more information and costs click Here 



For Farmers and larger areas of land (over 10 acres) with mole activity, I can offer different pricing structures to suit each individual client’s budget, mole control requirements and number of moles caught.


For more information and costs click Here 



Additional Services    Mole Hill Levelling, Rabbit Control and Wasp Control


For areas of molehills on large gardens and paddocks I also offer a molehill levelling service. This is done with a quad bike and chain harrows or sand ménage leveller.

The ménage leveller is non aggressive to the turf, but is only effective on fresh or loose molehills in relatively dry conditions. For old or compacted molehills chain harrows are recommended, but these can be slightly damaging to the turf even when used upside down with the spikes facing away from the turf.


A recent addition to my molecatching services is Rabbit Control.


Initially requested by farmers and landowners and more recently by homeowners and commercial business operations, I decided to offer this as either a stand-alone service or in conjunction with any mole control carried out at the same time.


The latter is very effective both in cost and actual results. Up to 30 rabbits an hour can be culled in this manner, though I don't catch quite so many moles if I'm shooting this many rabbits.


I use a combination of air rifles and live round ammunition rifles.

Naturally I have a Fire Arms Certificate on an Open License that allows me to use whatever firearm I legally own wherever I deem suitable and appropriate. My low power air rifles are ideal for garden rabbit control and the high power air rifles, .22 rimfire and .17 HMR  for farm and open area rabbit control.


For more information about Lancashire Rabbit Control click Here 


Wasp control and wasp nest treatment, destruction and removal are the latest services to be offered by Lancashire Mole Control.


Again it has been requests from my mole clients, enquiring if I could do anything about a worrying wasp nest that has prompted me to take the necessary training to carry out these procedures legally and safely.


Previously I had always advised a mole customer to contact a pest controller for any wasp nest treatments, but often I was informed later by my client of gross overcharging or shoddy, messy workmanship or illegal practices.


If you already use me for mole control you will know that my working practices, methods and results are second to none and wasp control will be conducted in the same manner.


For more information on my wasp control services go to



In all cases I have the greatest respect for a person’s property, land, boundaries, fences, hedges, livestock and pets.
I was born on a farm, which I now own, so know how important this is to farmers. And living in a small rural village I appreciate how much a pride a homeowner can have in their garden and always endeavour to be as neat and tidy as possible.

Domestic and Business references are available on request. Or have a look at what some of my clients have to say about Lancashire Mole Control

For more information on Lancashire Mole Control's services, or to arrange an initial site inspection (without obligation) please contact me