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For the Attention of Copyright Thieves


Any one thinking of, or already using any of my text or photographs for their own websites or training purposes without my permission might want to read on a bit more and consider their actions.


What you are considering doing or already have done is against copyright law. I hold all the rights to the text and photographs on these pages. All my photographs are held on file with date, time, camera used and all the exposure settings for each and every photograph taken. There will be no dispute as to who is the legal owner of the original data, That is Me!!!.


When I first launched the Lancashire Mole Control website, I had no idea how big it would become. Its original purpose was just to promote my business, but it soon progressed into a major mole information site not just in the UK, but all over the World. At peak times the site gets over 1000 visitors per week, many from the USA and all over Europe.


Being so popular has its advantages and disadvantages, the major disadvantage is that some individuals think it’s perfectly OK to use my stuff to promote their own business and make money from my works. But one advantage of this popularity is that many of my visitors are actually my helpers in discovering websites using my original copyrighted works.

I don’t have the time to check the internet for copyright thieves, but my visitors do.

Often I will get an email telling me that whole sections of my web pages are on a web site they have discovered. Straight forward Copy and Paste.


This is very easy to sort out as the stupid individuals have put the evidence where everyone can see it and all it takes is a short email with a link to copyright law, or occasionally my solicitor likes to write them a letter. Ironically these websites using my text will have a copyright notice somewhere on each page warning others not to use any thing from their site, so they know it was illegal to use my original works in the first place.

I put these thefts of copyright down to the laziness of the individuals, who can’t be bothered to compose their own text.


So far I have not encountered any websites that have attempted to use any of my photographs, I don’t think anyone one is that brainless, but I’m not holding my breath.

Though, I’m becoming increasing aware from contact with other newbie molecatchers that have been on training courses, that some of my photographs are being used as part of these courses. So far it just appears to be a few individual trainers that think they can get away with it, but what they may have overlooked is the fact that many of these new molecatchers will contact me; either for advice on why they still can’t successfully catch moles or just to let me know my photos are being used elsewhere to line someone’s pocket. I suspect these “molecatcher trainers” are simply unable to get their own photos as they do not have the knowledge, skill or levels of experience to be able to catch enough moles to get the all important photos of moles at the different stages of their life and at the different times of the year.


Getting the evidence of this copyright theft to present a case was proving difficult, but my solicitor came up with an idea, providing I was willing to forfeit some of the damages awarded to me if a case went to court or otherwise.

Any person that can provide evidence that leads to a successful award of damages for breach of copyright law will be entitled to 50% of the net damages awarded to me.(copyright cases are normally settled out of court). I’m not bothered about the money, but the fact that some lowlife thinks they can get away with nicking my stuff.


And just in case anyone thinks that might be difficult to prove, copyright law is civil, not criminal law.  The difference being civil law requires a lower burden of proof, making it easier to prove infringement.


In a criminal case, the defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. However, in a civil case, all I must do is simply convince the court or tribunal that my claim is valid, and that on balance of probability it is likely that the scumbag is guilty.


You have been warned, my pictures are unique and don’t come cheap.